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9 » Mohamed Samy
Just finished the A1 course in zfd. I have to say the teachers are excellent, and the material if very useful and interesting. The right place for anyone interested in starting to learning the German language.

8 » Mohamed Abdel Raouf Hassan from Cairo
I started A1 in ZFD and now i am in B1 and i strongly recommend ZFD for all those who wish to learn German and learn about the German culture as well. The courses schedules are very flexible and suitable for all, the place is very nice and clean, the courses are very intense and the most useful compared to the other easy commercial books and finally and more importantly the teachers are all very experienced and very helpful, my pleasure to be taught by the Genius and adorable Frau Karina!

7 » Mahmood E from Cairo
I accidently stumpled upon this place while i was looking for a center that specilizes in teaching german language here in Cairo , and i think i was so lucky !

What really interested me during the course was that teachers there not only teach language ! they also teach you something about the culture as well !

The environment is quiet and friendly , the teachers always try to keep a lively soul !

Mahmood E.

6 » rozana from saudi arabia
I really enjoyed the German class at the ZFD center, it is useful, and I had a great pleasure to take the course with frau karina

5 » Ahmed Elboushil from zagazig
Sehr geehrte Frau Karina
ich bedanke mich Ihnen fuer Ihre Bemuehungen.Es macht mir stolz,dass ich mein Goethezertifikatduetsch b2 pruefung mit 72% bestanden habe .Viele Errinerungen kommen zu mir zueruck.Ich wuensche Sie viel Erfolg
mit Freundlichen Gruessen

4 » Mostafa Seddek from Giza
Sehr geehrte Frau Karina,
Vielen Dank für Ihre Mühe mit uns Deutsch zu lernen. Sie sind einer der besten Lehrer, den ich je getroffen habe. ZFD ist nicht nur ein großes Zentrum für Deutsch, sondern auch ein sehr freundlicher Ort, als ob es meine Heimat ist. Vielen Dank auch für Frau Tawheed und Frau Mai die mich immer ermutigt haben.Ich wünsche Ihnen mehr Erfolg.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen.
Mostafa A. Seddek

3 » Admin
Dear All - we had a technical problem with this feature and I trust, it is resolved soon! Thank You for understanding!

2 » Abouaita Mohamed
I must share my experience as a way to show gratidute to the place that saved my language skills from falling apart after i stopped practicing the German language for almost 15months from level B1, which is too much time as any language learner should know.
The superviced self study was the solution for my busy schedule as a doctor, and i took the intro session and the specifically brilliant material for A2 thats from where i took off again on my path and got to B1 on my own free time and the weekly follow-up very helpful session, only in 4 weeks and i couldve made it in 3 with slightly more effort and hopefully i think ill b done with B1 supervised self study (no doubts) in a month , which is in a few days from now.
The reason i wrote this is that i think i wouldnt have been able to carry on with this path without the Supervised self-study course idea.

Good luck chasing your dreams.
"Never forget to enjoy the journey to your dream"

Mit herzlichen Grüßen

Mohamed A.A

1 » Mahmoud from CAIRO
Seit sieben Monaten bin ich dabei, Deutsch zu lernen. Ich bin gerade in B1 Stufe ( Selbst überwacht Studie ), meinen B1 Test ist Morgen. Wuenschen Sie mir Glueck
Besten Dank Frau Karina Sie haben mir sehr geholfen

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