About ZFD


ZENTRUM FÜR DEUTSCH has been the first private German Institute in Egypt. Founded by two Germans (Karina L Schmelzer and B Alexander Schmelzer) in 1992, operating since September 1993, in 1996 ZFD became the first private cooperation partner of the Goethe-Institute in Egypt. ZFD is being directed by Karina L Schmelzer ever since. Change, flexibility and reliability are among our best proven qualities.


ZFD is a small German institute. This supports and allows for individual care for our course-participants with a sound follow-up on your learning progress and a diligent supervision

of our instructors.


Ever since we contributed our activities to Egypt, we focused on  high levels of comprehensive, efficient and practical class-room work. The evaluation of our language courses are in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), or GER, as its been abbreviated in German.

We select our instructors carefully. Expect creative and highly committed individuals. We maintain our high standards through continuous quality assessment of both: your and your instructors performance.

ZFD conducts courses for a vast variety of governmental and private organizations and companies. While some remain on the act-upon-request level, most have lead to cooperation contracts. To mention but a few: Carl-Duisberg Centren, German Embassy Egypt, Invent, Information & Technology Institute (ITI), Ministry of High Education Egypt.   


Our German courses are addressed at academics and high-performing professionals, who want to complete their majors, go for PHD programs, as researchers or professionals, who seek a swift way to get familiar with German as quick and as efficient as possible. We help you to acquire proficiency through a deep understanding of the rules, at the same time plunge into conversation and make you speak in German . To put it in a picture: we teach you how to drive your car, not how to built a motor. We work with direct feedback to optimize both: your progress and our input through interactive class-room activities, individual- and group assignments during classes and through extracurricular course-project-assignments. The contents of the lesson will be covered by working on a theme from the complex (i.e. occupational) reality.

If you chose to study German at ZFD, you will find competent, inspiring and  highly motivated, experienced preceptors. Not only will we get you to pass the international standard tests, but - more importantly - you will impress your counterparts with linguistic vigilance.

If you like to learn German through a grammatically backed-up conversational approach, you will be happy to make ZFD your choic

You’ll find integrative & communication based German courses from blank beginners to upper-intermediate-level competence in reading, writing & verbal proficiency which  prepare you for International Standard Certificates, A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 in line with GER/CEF.