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New courses start (almost) all over the year. - Registration will be closed one week ahead the beginning of classes. Participants who wish to get a student card are kindly requested to submit a photo. In order to be eligible for discounts, please bring a valid University ID or an official document from the respective organization.


Course Types

 Smart Study

 Standard Intensive

Basic Communication Proficiency

The course covers

  Spirit of the language -
  requires thorough follow-up
  sophisticated communication
  style  of the language

  Classic German Course in
  correspondence to all relevant
  standard examinations

Great overall introduction for   immediate  practical use


   Book + CD

   Book + CD

   Book + CD

In Practice Process

All stages  are divided into 3 diverse sublevels

A1.1    A2.1    B1.1

A1.2    A2.1    B1.2

A1.3    A2.3    B1.3

All stages are divided into 2 equal sublevels

A1.1/2          A2.1/2        B1.1/2

A1.2/A1.3    A2.2/A2.3  B1.2/B1.3

One stage only


A1, A2, B1

  Schedule: 2 times per week

Schedule: 3 times per week

Schedule: 3 times per week

Expected Duration  for one Stage

  A1 – 2 months
  A2 – 3 months
  B1 -  4 months

   A1 - 1.5 months
   A2 - 1.5 months
   B1 - 1.5 months

   A1 - 5 weeks
   A2 - 5 weeks
   B1 - 5 weeks

Best choice for ..

Students of Art, Philosophy and Languages; people who appreciate communicating with subtle differences

Professionals who are expected to   communicate in German according to   GER framework specifications

Business Community who need practical     German to secure their demands

März 2016


General Information

Mother-Tongue  Proficiency


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