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We handle your communication professionally in German, time sensitive & tailored to your individual requests or through a prior communication-requirement evaluation.


With more & more young Egyptians, aspiring PhD scholarships or Master programs in Germany, they are oftentimes confronted with the demand to provide 'an expressive statement' about their goals and about their scientific standing. 

While some try to comply in English - stating their proficiency-level of German - they don't consider in case a certain proficiency-level is a prerequisite, that an English application won't convince their counterpart, thus leave them with a note of regret at best.


While Egypt is a priority country of German development policy, with a current portfolio worth more than EUR 1 billion (+ aggregate commitments of approximately EUR 6 billion since 1963), it is one of the largest partner countries of German development cooperation. - Numerous Egyptian companies are already working together with companies or governmental projects in Germany, many more would like to just that, as the Egyptian government is becoming increasingly forthcoming.

Despite English, having become a lingua-franca for the business community, still a lot of the business correspondence needs to be written in German, especially when dealing with medium-small sized enterprises. 

In some cases, it might be more cost-efficient, to have your service office handle the communication, rather than finding the rare individual, who understands the subject, knows how to write without a supervising editor or

your secretary is temporally out-of-office.  


Appointments are available  Sundays to Thursdays 13.00 - 18.00 upon confirmation

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